Play It Forward Piano Charity | A Piano Donation Organization
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What We Do

our organization specializes in bringing quality pianos to musicians who can’t buy them on their own. more…

Donate a piano

We have a simple 4 step process.

Step 1

Fill out our form

We have a form that you can fill out online or in store if you’re interested in donating your piano. There’s a few things we need to know about your piano like make, model, and serial number.

Fill Out Our Form

Step 2

We select pianos

After the pianos that have been submitted for donation we inspect each piano fully. From there we’re able to determine if restorations are needed, if there is anything that can’t be fixed, if there have been any prior restorations etc. We want you to get the most out of your charitable donation as well as provide quality pianos to those who receive them.

Step 3

Set a pickup date

Once a piano is selected for donation we contact you to set up a pickup date that is convenient for youj. We will have our professional movers come to you and pickup the piano free of charge, of course.

Step 4

Your value form

When we come to pick up the piano we will hand you a charitable donation voucher form for the value of your piano. Don’t lose it! Piano donations are a 100% tax write off.